Create a better future


I’m Teresa

An educator, a mum of 3 grown-up children and 2 wonderful grandchildren.

I’m sure you are not here right now to find all the happenings in my life. However, I feel a short biography of who I am, what my aims are and why I have created a new way of life and this website is something you may be interested in.

My Journey

My name is Teresa Brady and I’m a retired teacher. Exciting, you are thinking! Who doesn’t want to retire and enjoy life doing all the things you never had the time to do when you worked? 

Your right, it should be exciting. 

When I first hailed from the West of Ireland back in 1979, with my then- boyfriend, I was full of excitement for the new world we were going to create for ourselves. 

I finished teacher training while the children were still in primary school, which was no mean feat!! I discovered that I loved this vocation. I felt my life experience and my knowledge of some of the hardships of life, helped me connect better with the children I taught and connect with their parents in a down to earth way. (Most people think if you’re a teacher you must be perfect, your children are perfect and your life is perfect. I wish!) 


During the next decade, teaching changed greatly with the introduction of the New National Curriculum, the pressure on schools, headteachers and teachers became too overwhelming for many and teachers left in their droves. Workload became incredible. I could be found marking into the wee hours of the morning to up to date for the next days teaching.

Fast forward to the present day and now we have Internet and immensely intelligent technology. I know, now teachers have loads of time. 

I’m afraid not. Successive governments just create more and more workload. Teachers are leaving within the first 3 to 4 years of teaching. As a senior teacher, it breaks my heart to see these young people, all younger than my own kids, join full of enthusiasm, love for the children and a committed belief in their mission to educate young people. I know the struggles to fulfil all the criteria and job commitments will break the majority in the end. Constant observations of your teaching and scrutinises of children’s books, planning, learning environments and the list goes on. 

The stock phrases used by senior leader teams for teachers and students are ‘could be better, ‘even better if’, ‘points to work on’. Well, you get the gist. You must be outstanding in all areas. 

Older teachers are squeezed out of the job because they are too expensive. Experience counts for nothing in the present climate. You are being constantly undervalued as an individual, questioning your abilities to do the job. Needless to say, the constant negative reinforcement kills your passion and lowers your energy and your sense of joy in life.

Here Comes Retirement!!

So retiring from the job is a wonderful thing. Freedom. Travel. Play with grandchildren. Lunch with friends. Have large family holidays. Have medical treatment for all your ailments. Peace of mind and abundance to live the life you truly deserve. Yippee!!

It is actually a bit scary. For one, I miss the children and the interaction with parents. Secondly, I can’t really afford it. Although I have taught for nearly 30 years I have not had a full service. I am not entitled to an old- age pension until I’m 66 and 6 months, nor is my husband.

Decisions for the future

In 1997 my husband and I moved to our dream house in the country. It was getting a bit much for us to manage. We needed to make some difficult decisions.

The River Little Ouse, ran at the bottom of my garden. (Virginia Woolf drowned herself in this river in 1941 aged 58.)

We needed to downsize to release enough equity to buy a house mortgage-free. It is a lovely bungalow and in a lovely seaside town but a huge wrench from the views and open spaces we had. 

A rude awakening!

On top of this, I have struggled with weight loss issues most of my life and had reached a point where lots of things seemed to be going wrong. I lost a sister to cancer and another one was diagnosed with breast cancer. My only brother had a brain aneurysm which led to a very serious operation on his brain. Thankfully, he has survived and is doing well as is my sister. I have aches and pains all over the place. I had had enough and I started to look for help with weight loss.

Inspiration along the way

I discovered a book by Marisa Peer ‘I Can be Slim. Her simple analysis of how we think and how our thoughts affect how we see and value ourselves, really rang true to me. After searching, online I came across a number of her products, all with hypnosis recordings attached. She claimed to be able to change your thought patterns in one to three sessions with her unique therapy called RTT. I was hooked and bought into this. 

After using her recordings, I could feel a switch in my thinking. I followed her on YouTube and started to find other people like Tony Robinson and in particular, Wayne Dwyer. At the same time, Marisa brought out a programme called ‘I am Enough’. This included a section on finding your purpose and serving others at the same time. Sure enough, as I was reading an article by Tony Robinson, a video popped up by a lady called Helen P Barton.

A new found purpose

Helen seemed in a similar position to me. She wanted a dream retirement!  Her video  introduced me to a digital company, which supported you in becoming a digital entrepreneur. Now, I usually click past these sorts of videos but I felt certain that this was my destiny and exactly what I was looking for. I watched the introductory videos explaining what all this was about and knew that this was an opportunity that I could enjoy, earn a reasonable income and be able to help out my children with deposits for houses and live comfortably without constantly worrying about money.

On the videos, I was introduced to a guy named Stuart Ross. I adored his down to earth manner and the fact that he said this was not a get rich quick scheme. He and his partner Jae would provide training but you would have to put it into action, He wrote:  

“Driven and enthusiastic people who want to live a better life with a ton more freedom than what they have right now; people who are willing to do the work.

Individuals and couples of all ages who are ready to apply what we teach and create meaningful and fulfilling work with infinite opportunity.

Imagine what you would do if you made at least what you make right now but completely on your terms from your laptop or computer.

Now, imagine what it would be like to be able to scale that income 2, 3, 4 x over the next few years because of the leverage you get with the Internet.

That’s who I’m here to help: people like you who want to start a profitable online venture but aren’t sure where to start.”

The video went on to say that you would have to look at mindset, get clear in your mind what you really want to do, joining in a like-minded community with support at every step in the journey.

I can honestly say that the training is second to none. There are experts and mentors for everything you need to do and if you get stuck there are always at hand with advice and strategies.

This is a new chapter in my life. I am in control of it. I am my own boss. I can work around my family and friends and enjoy the challenge and opportunities provided by this company. I am enjoying the life I deserve. I wish I had taken these steps years ago but perhaps I wasn’t ready for it. 

Without a doubt, ‘life begins at 60’. It’s my time now!

This is something you can do without previous experience